Top 20 best tips for parents

Best 20 tips for parents-Here we discuss some best top 20 tips for all those parents who wants to rise and guide their child happy and successful as there are always problems comes while growing your child so we discuss as much topic as possible in this article.
Top 20 best tips for parents

First 10 most important-
Love and affection

  1. From the time of starting when you are a new parent start taking good care of your baby.
  2. Show your love and affection towards your baby always say I Love You and try to give kisses and hugs every day.
  3. Make yourself a good role model as the very first learning starts from the home try to teach them good ethical and moral values children copies every actions and notices everything small thing you do in front of them.
  4. Make yourself a good babysitter and learn good babysitting tips for your child.
  5. Play with them as much as you can see your child interest and hobbies let them play free.
  6. Give them also a good rituals values and teach them to respect others family members too. Organize functions at your place so more numbers of family members should come.
    Family functions
  7. Teach your child about honesty and the values of saying sorry.
  8. Don't compare your child with any other child or siblings every individual has its own personality own point of view and respect your childs decision.
  9. Don't spank on your child it leads to the birth of violence inside them there are also other alternatives to teach your child in a good way like positive discipilnes.
  10. Make yourself a booster for your child as itmotivates them at every point in life when they fail or feel dissatisfied.

Precautions and healthy food (11-15)-
Healthy food

  11. Protect them from the viral diseases be a good parent and updated yourself about children infections and seasonal diseases like now read about precutions from winter viral infection and keep them healthy.
 12. Also make a day care routine according to the season which helps them to balance and keeps them fit and healty like now read about winter care routine.
 13. As for newly parents take your time to see is your baby is ready for eating solid food or not giving them a solid food at an early age is not good for their health .
 14. Eat dinner with the family as in today it is very important to spend some valuable time with your family or eat atleast one time of meal with them it is found in researches families who have their meal together have better relationship.
 15. Update yourelf with best seasonal food like now read about best winter food for your chilrens and keep them fit and healthy.

Safety and sleep (16-20)-
Child safety

 16. Tells them the importance of wearing helmet or you can also wear the helmet while travelling on two wheeler as kids observe things from you.
 17. Don't smoke and drink in front of your child they adabt every small things very easily and also teach them about the bad effects of doing smoking,drinking,drugs etc.
 18.Always wears seat belt in cars as the same goes for safety measurements for you and your family and your child adapt all this good habits very easily if you also obeys all this rules.
 19.Nail biting is also a vey bad habit which a child adapt vey easily which is also very harmful for children health point of view.
 20.A proper sleep is very important for everyone to rest their bodies but children sometimes don't take their full sleep so you also have to know how to make a child sleep comfortably so they feel healthy by giving their body a good rest.
Baby sleep
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