Nail Biting

About Nail Biting-Nail biting (scientific name onychophagia) is defined as a bad interesting habit of mouth in which oral do parafunctional activity i.e to do other function like nail eating along with the common function of the mouth which are speaking,eating and drinking.
nail biting,how to stop biting nails
Nail biting

Symptoms and causes-Nail biting sometimes be a genetic link people appears to have inherited tendency towards the body focused repeated behavior.The ten fingers generally are equally bitten which associates with several oral problems it can transform bacteria and germs from  your nail surface to your mouth and also deflicts mental health problems. The habit of biting nails is associated with anxiety,stress,tension,loneliness this habit transfers from the habit of thumb or finger sucking habits.

Why to stop-
nail biting,how to stop biting nails
Weird looking fingers

  1. Fingers looking weird-As because of your habit of bitten nails the tissue around the nails gets damaged and the new growing nails looks abnormal and weird which gives your fingers and hands a bad look.
  2. Makes you feel sick-As you bites your nails multiple times a day, so much of germs and bacteria trasfered to your mouth through your nails which causes several diseases and makes you feel sick also the tissues you damged around the fingers gives direct entry to bacteria.
  3. Spoil your face-As sometimes because of nail biting you cracked up your lips and teeths and excess of nail biting causes severals jaw problems.

Preventions and treatment-

  1. Bitter tasting nail polish-The most common or cheap treatment is to poilsh your nails with bitter tatsed nail polish the bitter taste make you to think bofore biting your nails.
    nail biting,how to stop biting nails
    Bitter tasting nail polish
  2. Cover your fingers with bandages or wears gloves-It not looks so good idea but if to stops you from nail biting this is one of the best method to do as it restricts you to put your fingers on mouth.
    nail biting,how to stop biting nails
    Wears gloves
  3. Keep your mouth busy-As your mouth is busy in chewing other things it never takes you to bite nails, chewing gum is the best way to do this.
  4. Try to do physical works-As you keeps yourself busy in physical tasks it takes you busy and you never thought of biting your nails.
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