Winter care routine for your baby/children

Best winter care routine for your babies-In this blog we discuss best winter care for your children which keeps them fit and healthy from winter problems , basically we give you ideas of the things you should do to prevent your child from cold.

  1. Give them massage through baby oil.
  2. Bath your child daily.
  3. Give them a good diet which includes basically fruits and vegetables.
  4. Apply body lotions to protect from dry air.
  5. Keep the baby room warm.
  6. Use comfortable clothing.
  7. Give them hot water to drink.
  8. Use a good quality moisturizer.
  9. Give them hot soups.
  10. Choose skin sensitive soaps.


  1. Don't use low quality products for cooking.
  2. Don't use cheap moisturizer.
  3. Don't give your child fast food.
  4. Don't bath your baby with same soap as yours.
  5. Don't use your towels.

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