15 Mind-blowing facts about babies

Mind-blowing facts that blow your mind-Here we tell you amazing 15 mind-blowing facts about babies which you have to know NO.5 and 6 are hilarious.

  1. Newborn babies have 300 bones at the time of birth which eventually merges and becomes 206 as they grow.

  2. Newborn babies can eat even while having hiccups.
  3. Newborns babies don’t have kneecaps.
  4. Babies go through around 3400 nappies in the first year as the pee at an average time of 20 minutes.
  5. Newborn babies don't produce tears when crying.
  6.  Babies grow at a very fast rate at their 1st year. They grow around 1 to 1.5 cm each month.
  7. Babies have a bad habit of eating anything as they eat chalk, mud etc.but they have more taste buds as compared to adults.
  8. They sleep around 15-17hrs a day or we can say they wake up only to eat.
  9. Newborn child head is large as compared to other body parts.
  10.  Babies lose all the hair they are born with.
  11. They started learning a language at their mother's womb.
  12. Babies don't overeat they know how much food is sufficient for them.
  13. The newborn baby doesn't have birthmark as they come after a few months.
  14. Every baby has their own specific style of crying.
  15. Respiration process is faster at babies as they breathe more than adults.

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